Detox the Liver

Polyphenols are 20x more powerful than Vit E and 50x Vit C

Poor circulation


Inflammation form injury or surgery

Anti oxidants

Anti viral

Rheumatoid arthritis

Anti bacterial (Salmonella , E-coli, Staph, Strep


Wound healing

Atherosclerosis- Prevents plaque in arteries

Constipation/ Hemorrhoids

Muscular degeneration

Nerve damage

Brain- protects preventing cognitive decline eg Alzheimer’s

Brain -oxygenate

Tooth decay

Skin – UV damage

Night vision

Diabetes – controls blood sugar levels


Anti aging- collagen and elastin

Acne / age spots

Dirk circles under eyes

Hot oil neat or with other oils

Penetrates Blood brain barrier

Liver protects from Chemo damage



May interact with blood thinners/ pain killers, certain heart drugs, cancer treatment

Itchy scalp, Dizziness, Nausea

Pregnant/Breast feeding


Cancer: Radiotherapy & Chemo support Resveratrol

Colorectal. Skin. Leukemia. Prostate,  Squamous Cell Carcinoma