Mouth Cleanse

Mouth Cleanse


100% Natural.  No Additives or Preservatives.

A blend virgin and cold pressed oils each with unique benefits- Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Clove oil and other oils.  The taste is enhanced with a natural teeth healing sweetener.  It ideal for Oil pulling to treat tooth-ache, cavities, bad breath, gum infections, firming shaking teeth, teeth whitening, digestion, detox of the respiratory system especially sinuses.  It can be used by children above 3 years. For  faster teeth whitening it is best combined with Zhia Debos as an abrasive.

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– Swallow 1 tbs for digestion and ulcers.
-Swish 1 tbs for 15-20 min.
-Do not swallow.
-Spit in a plastic paper or bin not sink.

-Rinse with warm salty water.  Brush as usual if desired.

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100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 50ml


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