• Health and Relationships

    Healthy relationships are important in holistic health. The way you communicate with your spouse affects children who may not understand details. We need to be careful. It’s not always necessary to have the last word.  It is better to lose the war than the battle.

  • What is Detox.

    When people hear of Detox, the first thing on their mind is an expensive colon cleanse. This is far from it. Just as we take time to wash our bodies, teeth, clothes, our houses and cars, we need to detox our mouth, skin, hair and internally. We usually wash our skin with soap and think that is adequate. Once a week if possible it is wise to do a whole body scrub (exfoliate). The skin is the larges excretory organ.  It is the easiest system to maintain.  How to detox the skin will be discussed here later.  Drink at least 2 cups of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. Add Zhia Blaxia or Zhia vine mix or Zhia Debos to alkalize.  This helps the body release toxins and reduces inflammations.  Oil pull using Zhia smiley for one month for Mouth detox- bad breath, gum infections, tartar, toothache, clear sinuses etc. It is sweetened so children above 3 years will enjoy.  To whiten teeth use Zhia smiley together with Zhia Debos. The Debos should be used 2 or 3 times a week.

    There are different types of  Detox depending on the purpose. One very easy detox is a body soak/ foot bath.  If you have a bath tub, fill it with warm water  and lie in for about 30 minutes once a week.  Else, put about 4 litres of warm water in a basin/foot spa.  If you add  sea salt or Zhia Pink (Himalayan) salt or Zhia Pidesom  or Zhia Epsom salt you achieve better results.  Use 4-5 table spoons for the bath and  2 table spoons for foot bath.  Epsom salt is the best because it is a magnesium supplement. Magnisium is best absorbed through the skin not the mouth.  Epsom salt contains sulfur.  People with sulfur allergy should use Pink salt instead. 2 tbs  Zhia vine mix and/or Zhia Debos can be added for best results. Epsom/vine mix is especially very good for people suffering from lack of sleep, muscle pain,  arthritis, asthma, gout, swollen feet, migraine, BP, ADD,  constipation caused by magnesium deficiency etc.  This can be done by anybody irrespective of age. Soak small babies for better sleep.

    If you make foot baths/ body soaks a part of your LIFESTYLE, you will boost your immnunity and that of your family.  Try it especially in the evening.


Attitude Makes a Difference!