Detox: Coconut oil Cleanse (Fast) For Lymph, Colon, Liver, Parasites

Kill bacteria, fungi, viruses

Epilepsy/seizures treats drug resistant in children

Heart disease- lowers cholesterol

Weight loss-reduces appetite and belly fat better than olive oil.

Alzheimer’s – ketones provide alternative energy for malfunctioning brain cells

Diabetes- increases insulin absorption/sensitivity

Oral –oil pulling (kills staphylococcus and Candida), shaking teeth, tartar, bleeding           gums, Cavities. Teeth whitening. Balances hormones. Jaws. Reduces inflammation.

Coconut oil toothpaste

Newborn weight gain – massage


Chronic fatigue/Energy

Crohns disease/Irritable Bowel syndrome

Thyroid conditions

Anti aging

Cold sores

UTI/Kidney infections


Inflammation eg arthritis

Memory/ Brain function

Digestion/ Intestinal flora

Ulcers / Colitis


Gall bladder/ pancreatic

Personal lubricant /menopausal dryness


Cooking at high heat

Sore throat

Balance hormones


Swimmers ear


Nausea- Rub on the inside of the wrist

Baby care ( Nappy rash, meconium,teething, cradle cup, lactation, Nipple cream)

Pet care

Skin and Hair:

Stretch marks / Wrinkles

Dry skin.

Lip balm

Body scrub/Exfoliator

Detox bath

Deodorant – Rub under arm

Insect repellant

Night cream

Shaving gel

Makeup remover

Pores minimize

Moisturizes/firms skin around the eyes

Scalp moisturizer

Acne, Psoriasis

Sun screen

Nail cuticle

Foot rub/ cracked heels

Ingrown hair treatment/prevention

Hair conditioner/Detangler


Bath/ Massage oil

Lice (with ACV)

Nose balm for allergies

Nails (Stronger)

 Cancer: esp Brain

All cancers –Ketogenic Diet.  Minimize starch (glucose) intake and increase ketone bodies.  Normal cells use fats for fuel while cancer cells cannot.

Chemo Support- reduces symptoms