The information on this site is not approved by any Medical Association. Visit a Doctor for a proper medical examination. After diagnosis, you can either turn to food (e.g. gum infection, tartar, Toothache, Teeth whitening) or use food to compliment your prescription medicine for faster healing (especially to reduce damage in Chemo and Radio treatment). If you are on drugs for say High Blood Pressure, your desire is to wean off. Use the foods listed here for 2 weeks to 1 month


    ZHIA Natural Health (ZNH) is a team player in Holistic Natural health. We need a healthy MIND and SPIRIT for a healthy BODY. We encourage you to explore and try Foods’ medicinal power. Africa, like the rest of the world is dying from Lifestyle Diseases- Diabetes, Asthma, High Blood Pressure and Cancer. The solution is going back to basics (natural remedies) where/when possible and Detox, Detox, Detox. Similar to the rest of creation like rivers and forests, Jehovah God made the human body capable of self-renewal given support or if destruction is halted. Support your body, watch as it heals itself. Eat for a purpose. Eat to Heal.


    SPIRIT: From the age of about 8 years, I had many spiritual questions. Going to church did not answer so I stopped going for the next 11 years. I wondered: Why does he permit suffering? Why so many religions? Where are the dead (visit www.jw.org)?

    MIND: Awake! Jan 8, 2001 pp3 (www.jw.org/publications/magazines ) in an article “Trapped in a loveless Marriage” showed both ecstasy and anguish in life come from the same source-Marriage.” I had gone through a divorce at age 27. It stirred in me a desire to study Relationships. I Read and trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have been remarried for over 12 years.

    BODY: I grew up in rural Kenya using home remedies. The book, “Where there is no Doctor” was my first collection in late 1980s. Another book, “Food Your Miracle Medicine” transformed someone’s life. He, like me, had suffered from food allergy all his life. He stopped taking dairy milk. That was about 15 years ago. No recurrence. I recommend other aspects Holistic Natural Health like Pet Therapy, Humor Therapy, Aromatherapy, Physiotherapy. Hydrotherapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Organic farming/Consumption, Travel and Leisure, Volunteer service, Hobbies etc Lastly, I encourage you to pursue not just good health but your dreams however long it may take. Yes, your Dream is valid. Be the first to believe in it by never letting it die. Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit. Zhia is my grand daughter. I encourage YOU and others to share Natural Therapies with a least two generations. Will YOU?

    Grace Muranga.